Services - Grouting and Joint Refurbishment

Correct sub straights preparation is a critical part of remediation. This may include mechanical, pneumatic or hydro methods which are subject to environmental conditions. All of these can be used for stripping back dilapidated crumbling surfaces.

Understanding the extent and condition of all structural defects is critical to the process of remediation.  The correct diagnosis requires detailed investigation by our qualified professionals.

This is what distinguishes Q-Maint apart from its competitors in the field of comprehensive maintenance repair remediation and protection services. We have a special partnership between our people and our businesses which drive us to find innovative and practical solutions throughout our investigative process.  

Specialist ultra high pressure water jetting services are ideal for exposing corroded reinforcement bars, roughening concrete surfaces, raking out joints, widening cracks for refilling, removing coatings and residues. The technique selectively performs cold cutting without adversely influencing the surface structure or mechanical properties of the material.

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