Q-Maint is a certified provider of advanced protection, remediation and corrosion solutions for all types of deteriorating infrastructure.

Our professional capabilities include water proofing membranes, concrete repair, cathode protection, protective and industrial coatings for a diverse range of industrial assets and structural elements which have benefited major organisations such as the Australian Defence Force.

Our operations extend throughout Queensland metropolitan areas and into central Queensland mining areas with a plan to further expansion in the future.

Q-Maint incorporates specialist personnel including Architects, Engineers and Technology Consultancy Services for all areas of infrastructure rehabilitation and remediation.

We provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring options and have the proven contracting capacity for large scale projects requiring design, scheduled planning, repair and remediation programs.

Q-Maint offers a complete service resolution for all of our customers' asset maintenance and programmed management requirements. Our services and solutions extend into State and Local Government, civil structures and building structures remediation, mining and resources, power generation, communications towers, potable water, wastewater and marine industries

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