HMAS Cairns Switchboard Upgrade

About the Project

HMAS Cairns Switchboard Upgrade

Engaged by the department of Defence Support Cairns and designed by UDP Consulting, the objective of this project was for Neater to upgrade the existing switchboard including provision of, HV Cable trench constructed using a combination of in-situ and pre-cast techniques and a new switchboard room whilst maintaining power to HMAS Cairns. This was carried out whilst concurrently demolishing the existing switchboard, constructing the new switchboard room and installing equipment at the existing location.A five-stage methodology was proposed to suitably sequence the works to permit the two-module switchboard room to be constructed whilst maintaining access to the Defence Port facilities and power at the site. Special consideration was required in relation to the construction sequencing and timing of new electrical services installation to ensure concurrent task completion within the limited space on site.

Key Features are;

  • New Substation Building secure with Switch Board

  • The board supplied 24 poles with IP rating of IP54

  • Low maintenance services, fully monitored