Water Proofing Membranes 

High performance protective coatings and linings are necessary to protect various industrial and civil assets from wear and tear, corrosion and erosion. Q-Maint a subsiduary of Neater Constructions (Q) Pty Ltd provides the supply and installation of comprehensive surface protection systems, such as:

  • Elastomeric urethane and polyvinyl spray coatings

  • Liquid Rubber Membranes - LRM Products include a huge variety of applications:

  • Concrete sealing and repair to concrete rooftops, industrial roofing, car parks, retaining walls, foundations, basements

  • Land Sealant: dams, weirs, ponds, treatment lagoons, land fill/tip sealing, asbestos encapsulation, tailing ponds

  • Metal corrosion protection: steel pipe, roof repair, heavy equipment protection, vehicle undercarriage protection

  • Non Slip Surfacing: stables, livestock, ship surfaces

  • UV Protection: buildings, above ground pipe work, water tanks

  • Alternativly Bitumastic mineral torch-on membranes

  • Fibreglass reinforced membranes

  • Acid resistant coatings 

  • Heat resistant tiles

  • High density polyethylene linings

  • Thermal insulation products 

  • Fireproofing materials

Our primary objective and commitment is to provide the best technological advice and solutions to assist our clients in the effective remediation for wide ranging industrial assets and structural elements.

Q-Maint work closely with leading industry manufacturers and encourage our business customers to implement only established and proven solutions when seeking to extend the life and improve the safety of assets, buildings and infrastructure. 

Q-Maint's team of industry experts keep updated of such matters as recent technological advancements in water proofing membranes, concrete repair, cathode protection, acid proof industrial coatings, market place changes, legislative requirements and opportunities as they present themselves across the industry.