Grouting & Joint Refurbishment

Q-Maint provide a comprehensive range of specialist remedial services from project concept stage through to design and remediation construction. This provides you with a quality, cost effective and timely solution to meet your project requirements.

Selection of Repair Methods - The essential process of remediation is the systematic approach to selecting the materials and methods of repair. This may include a pressurised resin injection solution, either acrylic or epoxy pneumatic grout pumping. Here’s how we begin...

1. Consider the required consequence of the repair, as the selection of remediation technology is important to the success of the remediation project. This includes the material properties most necessary to restore the integrity of the original design and to remain durable in the service environment.

2. Consider the methods of preparing the dilapidated surface and the repair material placement that can be used to effectively and efficiently place, replace or inject the repair material into or onto the prepared concrete surface. This naturally includes consideration of site condition constraints and overall quantities of restoration.

3. Select a proven repair material that provides the desirable material properties which can be placed by the most suitable application technique, placing the durability of the repair ahead of the application process. In some cases, a prior manufactured demonstration of repair may be required.

4. The extent of repair dictates the application method and how the material should be blended. Some repairs require mixing greater quantities of material and require automated methods of application. These repair application methods are, formless hand-applied, formed applications or by pneumatic grout pump referred to as shotcrete. Pneumatically applied grouting methods used are by Dry-Mix Shotcrete, specifically suited for sizable vertical, overhead or curved surfaces and  Wet-mix, suitable for the same applications as dry-mix but has the advantages of greater placement rates and less rebound.