Services - Linings and Coatings & Acid Proofing

High performance protective coatings and linings are necessary to protect various industrial and civil assets from wear and tear, corrosion and erosion. Q-Maint provides the supply and installation of comprehensive surface protection systems, such as:

  • Elastomeric urethane and polyvinyl  spray coatings
  • Bitumastic mineral torch-on membranes
  • Fibreglass reinforced membranes
  • Acid resistant coatings
  • Heat resistant tiles
  • High density polyethylene linings
  • Thermal insulation products
  • Fireproofing materials

The Q-Maint team is skilled at applying various types of protective coatings and linings in the most difficult situations. One example is spray applied decorative concrete coating for application over existing vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces.

Products such as Covacrete NXTGEN resurfacing compound are based on a blend of dry powders, polymers and graded aggregates. This product is a suitable application for offices, shop floors, industrial sheds and certain road and infrastructure applications.

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