Abrasive Blasting and Coating

Correct sub straights preparation is a critical part of remediation. This may include mechanical, pneumatic or hydro methods which are subject to environmental conditions. All of these can be used for stripping back dilapidated crumbling surfaces. Ultra high pressure hydro jetting is superior over conventional pneumatic jack hammering or grinding and is significant in the remediation of extreme corrosion or concrete cancer. Advantages include: 

- Dust suppression and noise reduction. 
- Creation of a superior substrate bonding surface. 
- Protects the integrity of assets and avoids additional structural damage 
- Selective removal of inferior concrete and reduction of sound concrete removal. 
- Reinforcement steel and tensioning rods are cleaned, de-scaled and not damaged. 
- A faster and cleaner removal process than mechanical methods. 
- Entrained chlorides are washed away. 
- Safety and environmental risks are reduced.

This accelerates the remediation, protection and maintenance process and provides an excellent etched sub straight giving definite bonding of applied protective coatings. Q-Maint partners with Powers Blasting for this extent of works.